“You forgot your own birthday?” Raising his eyebrows somewhat in disbelief, Ishida tilted his head slightly as he relaxed his hold on the bag within his arms. “How could you forget your own birthday? Surely your father must have woken you or something of the sort…” Murmuring quietly, Ishida furrowed his eyebrows as he frowned.

But then again, he had forgotten his own birthday on various occasions. However he also lived on his own, not with others around him. That, and he wasn’t that close to his final family member— the only one who had not passed away. So he supposed that he shouldn’t be too surprised…

“Ah, well… Hopefully the rest of your day goes rather well, then.” Murmuring softly, the archer glanced up as he adjusted his glasses as well— using one of his hands as he continued to hold onto the bag with the other. However, after looking down at it, his cheeks then flushed as he reached forward and quickly pressed the bag into the others’ chest. “H-Here.”

"Yeah well, you know—" An awkward laugh escaped him, hand lifting to rub the back of his head, "Sometimes I just get so focused on one thing I forget about things like that." Not that it wasn’t very important, it seemed a lot of people liked to celebrate the day of his birth, his father and sisters of course were usually pretty adamant about throwing small parties for him. "Kinda woke up before everyone else today too so.. if there was something they were planning this morning…"

Ichigo trailed off, now feeling a little bad that he wasn’t spending the day with his family… he should go visit his mothers grave and say hello too. She’d probably like that….. Blinking, Ichigo was pulled from his thoughts as the box Uryuu had been so keen to hide from him before, was now shoved against his chest. He glanced down at it before hands came up to take it from the other, a brow arching as he looked back to see the dust of colour on the male’s cheeks. 

"So you did get me something then.” About time the other male gave in! With a crooked grin, Ichigo pushed the back open and glanced inside the pastry box, eyes lighting up at the chocolate cake inside. “Aww, you didn’t have to go and buy me a cake.” Though the look on his face, he very much appreciated it. A finger was swiped through the frosting, the chocolate licked off seconds later. “Mmm.” Not to rich, not too bitter, it tasted pretty damn good!

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Remaining quiet as he listened to Ichigo finish speaking, he slowly glanced down at the bag as Ichigo spoke before tilting his head upwards once more as the question escaped the orange haired teen’s lips. “I’m not up to anything, Kurosaki. I was simply—… On my way home. That’s all.” Even though his home was in the complete opposite direction… Not that Ichigo needed to know that, though. Thankfully— and hopefully, Ichigo didn’t know where he really did live.

Pressing his lips together, he murmured quietly as he reached down to lift the bag off of his shoulders. “What about you Kurosaki? Have you done anything special today?” Once the bag was removed from around his neck, the archer held the carrier bag within his arms as he shifted uncomfortably. Of course he wasn’t not going to give it to Ichigo— he simply needed the correct timing now and whatnot before he could hand it over.

Unlucky for the Quincy, Ichigo actually knew the general direction of Uryuu’s home— though he hadn’t seen it personally. Of course he didn’t think about questioning the other about his answer, it was really none of his business if it was truth or not. He only asked out of curiosity… like maybe Uryuu went to sewing club’s or whatnot. Though, that wasn’t very interesting to him either. 

Blinking, his attention shifted to the bag that the other seemed to fidget with, then back to the other as he spoke again. 

"Oh, well you know I actually forgot the date today. Though I’m pretty sure if I headed home my old man would have things to say." He had actually woken earlier than the rest of them that morning, and left the house for a little Hollow patrolling. This meant he had missed the awkward morning attack from his father, and any breakfast that Yuzu might have made… Just a small celebration was nice to think about. Good food and a few people, maybe. 

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“Well well, if it isn’t Ichigo.” The vivid expression that was bestowed upon the young boys features was a clear indication of sheer confusion. Fitting the pieces together, Kisuke took a wild guess and assumed his reaction was based off of Kisuke’s sudden whereabouts within the town— and to not be found within the area of his shop, it was understood to be quite a site to see. And so, with that in mind, a grimacing lit up smile began to show form, as his usual dumbfounded expression collided accordingly. “Hm? Is there a problem for a man to take a nice long walk through his own town?” Of course, Kisuke was well aware his reply rang of pure humor and jokes. To even him, it was definitely something new being spotted anywhere else but his shop— but it was always fun to spark up the nerves of Ichigo’s pride.

Ichigo’s expression fell flat, hand hoisting the strap of his bad further up his shoulder. The cheerful spring in the older man’s voice only made the teen feel a little more suspicious of sighting him. He trusted Urahara, to an extent, but the man always seemed sneaky in one way or another— he never really liked that. 

"Why does it sound strange only when you say something like that." Copper hues glanced around the area, though he couldn’t tell if anything was off in this location. No spirits to see, no hollows. "If you’re just talking a walk then, you wouldn’t mind if I joined you?"

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Following the other with his gaze as he watched Ichigo lean— he subconsciously began to shove the bag even further behind his back; as if to hide it from the others’ eyes. Leaning back as well, the Quincy took a few steps behind himself as he moved farther onto the side walk which they had been standing on. Curling his hands onto the thin, white straps of the material bag, he then reached up with one hand to adjust his glasses as they began to slip down his nose.

“N-No, I already said that I didn’t get you anything Kurosaki— therefore I did not.” Even though he repeated those words, you could clearly smell the chocolate scent of freshly baked cake from within the archer’s bag. Yes— he had baked the other a cake for his birthday and yes, now he was regretting doing the slightly, somewhat feminine action. 

As the other male began to move back, Ichigo straightened himself up and remained stationary. If Uryuu wanted to insist than he wasn’t about to push it. Though, he watched the other thoughtfully, a hand lifting up to scratch a bit at his chin. He did smell the chocolate, but if Uryuu didn’t want to give it to him… he wasn’t about to just assume it was for him- even if that made sense, considering the day. So with a shrug of his shoulders he gave in. 

"Alright then. You still wished me a happy birthday though, so thanks!" Now that subject was still in the air if the Quincy decided to change his mind. Though it had distracted the teen from the question he was going to ask earlier- a basic.. generic question, though he was curious non the less. Hands clasped together. "So what are you up to?"


“I am starting to consider viewing it at such right about now.” And just when he though height humor would be forgotten. Trying to control his temper, Hitsugaya sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, grumbling something under his breath. Ignoring the substitute wouldn’t do him good, he knew. “Do you want something, Kurosaki?” He huffed.

"Lighten up a bit, Toshiro. I’m only teasing.” Ichigo offered a small smile before arms crossed over and he took a more relaxed position. “Do I want something?? Shouldn’t I be asking you that?? You guy’s don’t normally visit just to chat.” The substitute glanced off to the side thoughtfully. Usually visits from other Shinigami lead to them asking for his help in some matter, of course he didn’t mind this, he liked helping them out whenever he could. “…Or did you show up just to chat?”

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